February 19, 2021

Your Steps to Success

Lisa talks about how to become more effective with your time and your steps to success daily.

One of my favorite topics is time management and efficiency. I’ve always been obsessed with how some can get so much done in such a small amount of time.

I’m also a workaholic by nature, but I desire to have my life as balanced as possible, so I’m always searching for my recipe of success.

I’m a mom.

I’m a wife.

I’m a housekeeper.

I’m a chef.

I’m a coach.

I’m a CEO.

I’m a motivator.

I’m a facilitator.

I’m a woman.

And these roles aren’t going anywhere, so how can we fit them into our lives while being our best self consistently?

Today, I’m talking about YOUR steps to success, but this is just your foundation. This is the idea to get you going. The next step after reading this today is your action of getting into The Routine Queen Challenge so you can learn how to go with the flow, while getting things done.

This is about being proactive and a leader in your life. 

This is about knowing what’s truly important to you.

This is about prioritizing your values and making sure you live aligned.

So join me, this is so much more than a “pretty schedule” that can get your kids in line.

Your Steps to Success:
1. Be Proactive

How do you speak to yourself?

Are you in victim mode and everything is happening to you or are you someone who is proactive when chaos strikes and is solution-oriented?

Chaos will always strike, that is the nature of life.

There will always be urgencies and there will always be mishaps, how you manage them emotionally is the first step in your success. 

How to be proactive:

A. Decide how you start your day

How you start your day determines how chaotic or calm your day is. We will be setting a good system for your morning in Routine Queen so you feel controlled.

B. Decide how you speak to yourself

Are you practicing grace and understanding with yourself? 

Instead of saying “I can’t,” say “I choose.” Instead of saying “There’s nothing I can do,” say “Let’s look at alternatives.”

C. Decide who you will show up to be every single day

What does your best self look like? 

When you think of the end in mind, you will know what you need to be doing today in order to get there.

I’m someone who is hot-headed and quick to react and that helps no one, especially with the mom guilt. So my reminder to myself when a situation is presented is I say “pause before proceeding.” That allows me to proactively assess the situation to best know how to act.

This helps when someone urgently is needing something for work - what are they needing and how can I help when it’s best for me to focus fully?

This helps when your kids are demanding - what are they asking for, should it be fulfilled and when is it best for everyone involved to set the expectation?

This helps when someone calls - what are they calling for and is there a better time that I can set the focus aside for that relationship?

2. Know What’s Important to You

“Tell me what you want, what you really, really want…”

When you know what you want, you first back that into what’s important to you. Sometimes we find that what we thought we initially wanted wasn’t important at all, but a product of what we are taught to think.

And that’s okay, but that’s also the reason we need to have the end in mind.

In “the end,” nothing remains except the life that you created. What was important in that life and who was important to you?

When we know our values, we build a life around them and in turn, receive our most desired dreams and successes.

So what do you want out of this life and why do you want it?

Within Routine Queen, the first Challenge is determining what you want in this life!

3. Prioritize

See all those roles above? Everything seems like a priority in the world of woman and mom.

Your success is ultimately dependent upon how you manage yourself within your time, not how you directly manage your time. It’s you who needs to be managed, time will pass regardless of you watching it or not.

Is it important or urgent? These are two different things and as mothers we are bombarded by the urgent —social media, kids crying, calls from family and friends, these urgent tasks are sometimes pulling you from the priorities. 

If you haven’t yet, go back to step 2 and find out what’s important so that the tasks and to-do’s are prioritized based upon that.

When many of my clients do this, they realize they weren’t putting the most important first, which created chaos and unhappiness.

So now it’s time to get into Routine Queen and put your priorities first.

Whether you are living the life of your dreams or not, there’s always something we can improve upon and the effective use of our time—and ultimately our success—is a huge one, so invest in Routine Queen, get your priorities straight and let’s build the beautiful foundation for you to grow!

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