December 30, 2023

3 Questions to Close out 2023 on the Right Note

Lisa shares 3 reflection questions to help close out 2023 and get you prepped for 2024.

Can you believe it’s the end of 2023?! 

It’s really true what they say about the days being long but the years are short. 

In 2023, some days were filled with so much struggle as I healed from a broken hand while so pregnant and yet this year just flew by in a blink. I already have a 9-month old and I'm wondering where the time is going!

How has this year been for you?

Was it a year of success and growth or survival? 

If you just survived that’s okay, I have a lot of amazing things in the works for you ladies for 2024 to help you kick chaos to the curb, gain control and clarity and create confidence in your motherhood journey, no matter where you are currently at.

When you live in chaos, it’s really hard to see past the end of the day, much less the scope of a whole year. But today is your start. 

We are going to be answering 3 questions to help us be prepared for 2024 by closing out 2023 in the best way possible.

I’d love for you to grab a notebook and pen and jot these answers down. Better yet, head on over to Controlled Chaos Club and share your answers.

As moms, we don’t have too much time, so I’m going to be teaching you to be efficient while being intentional today and going into 2024.

In order to successfully move into 2024, we want to close out 2023 the right way so let’s celebrate, let’s acknowledge our struggles and let’s get a feeling for the year as a whole.

Question 1: Looking back on 2023 as a whole, what did you accomplish?

I want you to sit and jot down what you did. This can be so many different things. 

Do not discount yourself here. I’ve had clients say “I don’t think I accomplished anything,” and every single time when we start analyzing, they end up coming up with a huge list and feel so accomplished when they otherwise wouldn’t have.

So spend time on this question. It’s time to celebrate surviving, growth, lessons learned and success.

What are you celebrating today?

Question 2: Looking back at 2023, what are some things you didn’t get to that you hoped to do?

This isn’t meant to highlight our shortcomings but to help us see what maybe we want to carry into 2024. This also helps us analyze our goals against our values systems.

Next to what you wrote down on what you hoped to achieve but didn’t, list out which value this hits. This is going to help you understand if what you desire is truly important to you or not.

So many of us women are stuck in the hamster wheel of life and in 2024, we are changing that. 

In 2024, we know what we want and how to achieve it. So don’t skip this part of your year-end close-out.

If you do not know your values, please make sure you grab my ALIGN program. It’s your perfect start to 2024.

So what were some things you didn’t get to that you hoped to do? Do you want to move them to next year, why or why not?

Question 3: Looking back at 2023, how are you walking away from this year?

Was it a great year? Was it a challenging year? Spend some time just thinking about how this year felt for you.

This was actually the greatest year of struggle for me personally, but also the greatest year of success so far for my business and life.

I think oftentimes at the end of a massive challenge lies success as long as you look at it as a launchpad. I want you to mentally close 2023 today. Put it to bed and wake up tomorrow energized for a new year.

How do you want to look back on 2023?

What did you learn this year about yourself?

Every year on this journey of life is teaching you something, it’s time for you to learn from it.

Were you the mother you desired to be?

Were you the business owner that achieved what she desired to achieve?

Were you the spouse you wanted to be?

Did you care for your health and dreams?

What are even your dreams?

I know I’m bombarding you with questions, but the point is, how are you leaving this year? Take this year and make it a launchpad for 2024 being a truly amazing year.

So repeat after me: 2024 is going to be MY year.

It’s up to you to change the tone starting today.

And it’s time to invest in yourself.

I would like to introduce you to the DREAM Workshop

Your planning for next year starts now!

It's time to play BIG.

It's time to get CLEAR.

It's time to get MOVING.

The Dream Visions Workshop 2024, where you want to start in 2024.

A 2-day masterclass centered around dreaming big, mapping out concrete goals, and designing your beautiful custom digital vision board to keep you laser-focused on those dreams all year!


Dream Visions Workshop is a 2-day live program. We’ll have two 60-minute sessions, which will be recorded for you to keep. 

Day 1: We’ll deep dive into getting clarity around what you truly want your life to look like, for the year and beyond. Be ready to be challenged and inspired!  

Day 2: You’ll learn how to create a beautiful and unique digital vision board that you can use in a variety of ways to keep all your goals and dreams visible and fuel you forward. 

You’ll also be enrolled in our private pop-up Facebook group, where we can all share our goals, spur each other on, and build community all around our big dreams. 


This workshop kicks off with the first training on January 9, 2024, and the second training session on January 16, 2024.


This live 2-day program is $47. You get access for life and both segments are recorded.

It’s time to DREAM together.

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