Routine Queen

Become the queen of your castle again with a routine that lasts in just 4 weeks.

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Balanced. Blessed. BOSS.

In 5 Simple Challenges and 4 short weeks, you will go from chaotic to controlled. Our system for getting you to develop the perfect routine for you and your family is dependent upon your lifestyle and ability to execute.

No cookie cutter lifestyles around here!

If you are struggling with time management, following through, and feeling like you have enough time for anything, this program breaks it down so you can see your objectives through, daily.

"I went from chaotic to controlled..."

The Challenge involves 5 segments that evolve as you go along, ending with your perfect routine and management in just 4 weeks:

Challenge 1 - Sleep: Determining your habits based upon your natural flow of energy and sleep patterns. This includes a quiz to determine your type of lifestyle and developing the perfect routine for you and your family.

"My sleep was suffering, but not anymore..."

Challenge 2 - Block it Out: Based upon your unique foundation, you will tailor your daily to-do's and schedule during the times most conducive to your natural flow of energy.

"I went from unproductive, to so efficient..."

Challenge 3 - Focus & Finish: You are guided on adjusting your switch-tasking nature to focused, aligned and far more productive. In this challenge you learn the tools and steps to get your tasks done efficiently and effectively.

"I finish my daily objectives so much faster now, leaving more time for the things I enjoy..."

Challenge 4 - Rules & Routine: In this Challenge, you will develop a unique set of rules to live by morning and night. This will be your guide to starting and finishing your days on the right note! We will also review how to get your kids on schedule with you.

"My morning and nightly routines are now my LIFE..."

Challenge 5 - Track It & Check It: Last but not least, you are taught on how to track your progress and plan for the future. This challenge teaches you how to put the pieces together to see your routine last and live onward.

"I no longer wonder what's coming next..."

4 Weeks - Every week for 4 weeks, we make small adjustments so you can maintain your active lifestyle while realigning the right way!

Bonus: You will be taught how to reset when you go off the rails and how to get back into your routine!

You will receive lifetime access to the Private Community and have a variety of resources to work off of to continue to elevate and grow your routine to fit you!

Get ready to rock your routine and be the QUEEN of your castle.

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