December 31, 2023

What to Start and Stop doing in 2024

Lisa shares 5 things to start and stop doing in 2024 for an amazing year.

Hello 2024!

You snuck up on us, quick!

Let's get started the right way and have a great year!

To help give you the momentum for 2024, I'm listing 5 things to STOP doing in 2024 and what to do instead.

Make sure you have your notebook handy to take notes for yourself and start implementing immediately.

In 2024, you are not going to be a woman who just reads a blog and continues passively through her life.

Nope! You are going to be someone who is ready to take life head on.

You are going to seek energy.
You are going to seek growth.
You are going to seek investment in your dreams and desires.

Big things await you and today I’m going to be giving you 5 things to start doing in 2024 and 5 things to stop doing in 2024 to see the most success in your life.

Before we dive in, I want to remind you to join The Real Moms Tribe, my exclusive membership community. Within the Tribe, we will be dreaming and growing together in 2024. Time to kick chaos to the curb with an amazing support system of women.

5 things to STOP doing in 2024

Hitting the snooze

This is killing your productivity because it is actually throwing off your wake cycle. Your body starts to wake a couple hours before it actually does, so hitting snooze interrupts that wake cycle. In 2024, we want to be energized and conscious, not sleep-deprived mombies, so step one is not hitting that snooze.

Instead try this:

Put a brain dump pad next to your bed. When you wake, turn on the light, sit up in bed and mentally start preparing for that day by looking over your list, jotting your thoughts down or even expressing gratitude. During the winter it is especially hard to jump out of bed, so set the tone slower.

Waking in a rush

This is killing your tone for the whole day. How you start and end your days matters. If you rush in the morning and rush at night, chances are your days feel rushed too. This leads to feeling out of alignment with your values, your goals and your relationships.

Instead try this:

Wake up just a few minutes earlier and create a jumpstart routine. One of my clients came up with this term and I just loved it so I decided to start using it. Thanks Stacey.

What do you need to do in the morning to feel productive?  I recommend looking at your day as a whole and determine what your Power of 6 will be.

Remember your Power of 6 are the 6 objectives you will conquer each day. What needs to be done that day and when will you do it?

Not being intentional with how you close out your day

Just like how you start your days, how you end it also matters. And many of my clients tuck their kids in and just pass out or mindlessly scroll Facebook or Instagram. They don’t actually close out their day so it keeps the hamster wheel of chaos going.

Instead try this:

I want you to do a Power Down Hour. This is where you reset your home, get prepped for the following day, get the kids wound down and into bed, and take some time for you.

Stay off social media and just being present within your home will help you properly wind down your day.

I’d love for you to take out your journal and jot down how your day went, brain dump what you want to accomplish still and express some gratitude before bed. It’s a good mental close-out at the end of a long day.

Putting yourself dead last

As moms, somewhere along the way we determined it was noble to not take care of ourselves and that mentality has kind of just stuck.

We are good at passively eating, passively moving, passively cleaning, and passively dreaming that we are just kind of floating through life in general.

And it’s totally holding you back from your true potential.

Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean shirking your responsibilities, it means building in time to set the example for your little ones.

Instead try this:

Make one of your Power of 6 every day something you enjoy doing.

What do you enjoy? What makes you excited to just do? Is it reading, writing, working out, cooking, baking, I want you to show your kids that investing in yourself fills your cup. Pick something small and dive in.

Saying yes to everything

Last but not least on things I want you to STOP doing in 2024, stop saying yes to everything. I know everything seems like fun, but your time is limited.

When you say yes to one thing, you are inadvertently saying no to another and sometimes that other thing is more aligned with your value system and what’s really important to you.

Instead try this:

"Give me 24 hours to think on it." That’s your response. That gives you time to pause, pull yourself out of the immediate situation and ask yourself if you’re even the right person to say yes based on your values. This keeps you from entering situations that you regret later on.

So what are the things I want you to start doing in 2024?

I want you to be intentional how to start the tone of your day.
I want you to create a jump start to your day.
I want you to create a power down routine to end your day.
I want you to build in time for you daily.
I want you to pause and be more intentional with what you say yes to in 2024.

There are two things I want you to say yes to in 2024:
I want you to say yes to your investment in 2024.
I want you to say yes to your dreams in 2024.

That’s why I’ve opened The Real Moms Tribe so that you can start with support and accountability strong going into the new year.

No more passively floating through life.
No more struggling with no support.
No more wondering what’s next.

In The Real Moms Tribe we are proactive, supportive, intentional women that know what we want and how to get it.

Within the Tribe we conquer the 3 pillars of Success: Home, Routine and Finances

We create intentional time for our businesses.
We create lasting relationships within our life.
We develop systems that function and flow for us.

An exclusive monthly membership community where balanced becomes a lifestyle.

Time to join the Mom Movement.

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