March 16, 2020

Balancing Life with Babies

Lisa shares her best tips in how she balances three businesses with two babies at home on a daily basis without losing her mind.

The guide to how WAHMs survive the day, every day.

Let me preface this that life with kids around you 24/7 is NOT easy. It is, however, very rewarding being able to be at home with my children while making a living.

I also won’t pretend that I’m on a deserted island and do everything solely myself. I have a sweet and supportive husband, a mother close by who is always willing to offer an assist, and the most amazing sister-in-law who would do anything for my girls. It does truly take a village, but a village can’t stand without a strong foundation created by us mothers ourselves, remember that.

I have had to endure some pretty difficult and chaotic times in order to learn how to develop the balance that we all need, deserve, and desire in our lives.

Like one time I literally slept 20 minutes one night… that’s right 20 MINUTES. Because in between a waking 2-year-old and a screaming newborn who didn’t want to sleep, I had two deadlines to complete. Mia was 2 weeks old and I’ll never forget the feeling of sheer exhaustion and utter chaos of that time.

But I survived and learned from those difficult times.

Once I started really assessing how to increase my productivity, actually set aside time for sleep, and get in the nitty-gritty of my priorities, I was instantly able to handle way more and far more efficiently.

Currently in my life, I’m running 3 businesses, concepting some pretty amazing ideas and launches (make sure you subscribe to find out what’s coming), and raising two amazing little girls. My home is pretty clean and orderly consistently and I’m always ahead of the laundry (it used to really pile up on me). 

If you find yourself overly exhausted, always behind, and short-tempered, I recommend these 4 tips in order to align yourself to becoming the balanced boss I know you can be, 24/7, not just during the CoronaVirus Quarantine.

Wake BEFORE the kids for time for YOU.


Tip 1: Wake BEFORE the Kids with Time to Spare

I get up at 4am every morning so I can get my workout in, complete a full work block and shower before the kids wake between 6/7 am. It seems crazy, but it works so well for our family and especially if the kids are needy that day, I’ve accomplished a whole day’s worth of work the morning of, before most even wake.

I didn’t just decide to wake up at 4am one morning, but this was a progression from 7am, to 6am, to 5am, to 4am. It took a few weeks but was actually easier than I thought and going to bed at 10pm ensures I am getting enough rest to tackle the day.

Question to ask yourself: Are you rushed in the morning or have ample time to feel accomplished?

Devote tasks into work blocks for maximum productivity.

Tip 2: Establish Work Blocks

Kids have a very small attention span in order to stay busy while you get work done. I usually have a 20/20 rule where I devote 20 minutes to work (in their presence) and 20 minutes to interacting with them. My kids are not of the age where I can close myself in my office when no one else is home so I make sure they are occupied for that window of time. I also let them know that until my timer goes off I cannot be bothered.

Having this 20/20 rule will help you feel balanced and cut down on the mom guilt that we often feel having careers with children. 

On deadline days this becomes rather rough, but I have found that when the process is consistent for them, on the tough days they manage just fine.

Question to ask yourself: Do you create a consistent schedule for yourself or just randomly complete things?

Tip 3: Use Your Kid-Free Times Wisely

I know it’s typical for us to vegg out once they are asleep but that is the time to be MOST  productive. Trust me, if you spend countless amounts of time on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll find yourself staying up until 3am finishing a deadline that should have been turned in by 10pm the night prior (me, that was me, I’ve done that before). 

If you find yourself stuck in the Facebook or Instagram world I recommend removing the app from your phone for the period that you really need to focus or placing your phone elsewhere if you can in order to complete the task at hand.


Tip 4: Prepare What You Can

This is applicable to all aspects of life:

Set aside your workout clothes the night before for an early-morning workout.

Wash the veggies and fruits so they are readily available.

Portion out the snacks or even prep the meals.

Set aside the work the night before that you will need to tackle in the morning.

Clarity is key to a consistent, balanced lifestyle and therefore you need to know WHAT you will be doing and WHEN in order to prepare accordingly.

Even with these tips, life will get tough occasionally, but I will tell you that if you follow these consistently, then there is nothing you can’t conquer during the day.

This is just the TIP of the iceberg, I have so much more coming in regards to time management, productivity, and pursuing your greatest passions all while raising little ones. 

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Do you implement any of these currently? How do they work for you?

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