May 14, 2020

5 Ways to Start Making More Money Today

Lisa partners with a couple boss babes to showcase different ways to start making more money immediately.

So, I’m a total finance nerd who loves money – which is probably why I obtained my bachelor’s degree in business finance all those years ago now.

But I wasn’t always able to see out of my 9-5 income-generating box until a few years ago when I became an entrepreneur and had to think quickly on my feet how to obtain more money in order to support ourselves.

Money is an infinite thing. It’s only limited by your beliefs and your perception of how it can come into your life.

The term “manifesting” is very common in the coaching world and picks up on the essence of making something come into being— and more money is no exception.

But this requires action. This article is meant to guide you in the ways to take action to make more money in your life and your bank account.

So if you are in need of some extra or full-time income, then I suggest picking up one of these ways today.

Please note: This is not a post about SAVING money, but is about how you can make more money. This is equally important, however, not discussed on this thread, (more to come soon).

1. Kick the Clutter & Bring in the Cash

Kick the Clutter, Bring in the Cash (Bonus in creating a comforting space you call home!)

This one is first because even though it doesn’t grant you a revenue stream, it can assist you in getting a couple extra bucks in your pocket quickly with things you have lying around the house that no longer suit you.

From clothes and toys, to kitchenware and books, kick out the items you no longer want or need. When I did this in my home, I was shocked that I made around $4,000. I do this now seasonally to make sure we remove the things quickly so they don’t pile up. An extra $200 - $300 each year is nice to have!

The most important thing is to kick ALL the clutter BEFORE selling items. You want your home fully cleared so that you can efficiently sell all the items and check for duplicates before removing.

This Kick the Clutter Checklist and Training will help get you going and guide you on how to remove the clutter quickly and organize it thereafter, when you are ready! Want the whole program to do it in just for weeks? Purchase the Kick the Clutter 4 Week Program.

2. Pursue your Passion

Pursue Your Passion. Image Credit: Sasha K Photography

Do you have something within you that you’re just feeling like you’re missing? This is what’s known as self-fulfillment.

When we have something we love but aren’t pursuing it, our fire within us seems dim and we seem discontent.

I want to challenge you today, take the FIRST step towards this passion. No matter how crazy it seems, pursue it.

Love to sew? Take out the sewing machine.

Love to craft? Get those supplies out.

Love the art of conversation? Create a Facebook group for support.

If you’re struggling with how to turn your passion into a business, I suggest doing a little market research in what others are doing. Also, ask yourself, does your passion have the ability to solve a problem?

Something to remember: Money can be made in pretty much virtually anything if you can find its purpose. Take the creator of Spanx, she took some pantyhose, cut the feet off and called them good and now is worth over a billion! Moral of the story: Think outside the box with your passion.

Need help pursuing your passion? Let me guide you and get you going here.

3. Start a Side Hustle and Share the Journey

Okay, I’m only going to say this once because it’s very important: MLMs are NOT a pyramid scheme. An MLM is a multi-level marketing firm selling a specific product and growing its outreach. It’s commonly mislabeled as a “pyramid scheme,” because of how the passive income stream is generated within this business model. The more people you bring onto your team, the more bonuses are incurred, creating a greater passive revenue stream. Where it does not fall within pyramid scheming, is there is actually a product and service traded for the purchase.

This is one of the BEST ways to start making money because you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Unlike pursuing a passion you may not know even exists, this gives you a chance to try a program or product and share your journey and experience while building your team. The benefits are two-fold: Make some money, change your own life.

Myth: You have to be icky to be an MLMer and cold call.

Truth: Your journey is your own. I personally invite people to my team through my own actions and whoever joins, joins. My journey and the progress shown sells itself (I lost 50 lbs after Ava and 40 lbs after Mia, so it works). When running your business, don’t do anything you find icky or inauthentic, just be YOU.

I have partnered with 3 amazing MLMs that I personally believe in with great products and awesome business models for generating income and all you should look into for yourself.

Motivated Mamas Society, Founder Lisa - Beachbody

First name is Mom, second name is Coach.

My mission is to unite women and help them step into the unstoppable role of a balanced boss whose self-care is their number one priority. I’m a firm believer in the ability to balance ALL roles within motherhood and our health and fitness is no exception.

I combine the components of Nutrition + Fitness + Accountability from the comfort of their own home to hit their goals successfully. With over 600 fitness programs and multiple nutrition options and recipes, Beachbody offers personalized options that cater to our clients’ interests and lifestyles.

Join the Motivated Mamas Society to grow your mindset and build a balanced routine.

The best part: When you join my team, the business platform within the Motivated Mamas Society is already created, so you just share your journey and get individuals on-ramped (which I guide you on the process). The community shares knowledge, educates and we all hold each other accountable, so it’s not all on you as a business owner.

To become a coach, it’s a $40 fee but it is waived if you buy your own starter kit which entails the fitness programs and the products you will personally use. This can range anywhere between $99 to $200, depending on the products you’d like to purchase and try.

And no, you don’t need to be in the “perfect shape." When I started coaching I was 50 lbs overweight, but I had a goal in mind and a clear path to get there. I’ve helped over 50 women in these 3 ½ years and I’m not ready to stop yet!

Income is dependent on how big you want to grow but can be anywhere from $100 - $200 a month (covers the cost of your Shakeology which is one of your meals each day), to upwards of several thousand dollars and free success club trips yearly. In addition, coaches also receive a 25% discount on all products, including Shakeology.

Time spent on your business is dependent upon you, but we do something called the hour of power, where we workout and then create content and post for our businesses. This also includes some personal development to keep your mindset right.

In order to start your journey for your health personally or professionally, contact me here.

The Journey of progress is the most exciting part of the business.

Casey Davis - MONAT: All Natural Haircare & Skincare

The Mission: Feel beautiful in your body.

Casey believes in feeling beautiful in your body, and that starts with your hair and skin.

Her mission is to provide a personalized experience when it comes to helping individuals, either personally with their regimen or professionally in their own business. What every client wants/needs is different, so Casey guides on giving the most memorable, positive and personalized experience.

As Casey says, “Your confidence and success is my main priority.”

Monat is an all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free haircare and skincare product company that values the results of their clients. From hair loss from a recent birth, medical condition, surgery and/or stress, to repairing damage caused by overprocessing, bleaching, and heat tools, Monat has reversed those concerns and turned them into confidence. Also, they provide skincare that fights the signs of aging and gives a more youthful glowing complexion. Monat has completely restored Casey’s confidence as her results have been phenomenal.

“It has made my hair grow and thicken whereas before it was brittle and overprocessed, and layered with silicones from my previous products. My skin has evened out and is a perfect base for the days I want to go natural or for the days I want to be glam.”

Casey's before and after using Monat within one year.

Casey started in 2019, looking for a way to make some extra income while offering a flexible schedule so she could have more time for her #1 priority: Her husband.

“My husband is a first responder, so the ability to work this business from home and be around him whenever his days are free is what means the most to me. If that wasn't enough, I find great pleasure in helping men and women feel confident with their hair and skin. I have learned a lot about myself in my journey with Monat and I am blessed to be part of this company.” 

The business is extremely easy to start and relatively affordable and offers a lucrative career, depending on how hard you wish to work. Your desired income could be paying for gas and groceries for the month, or generating a full-time income in addition to free trips and a free Cadillac. 

“You can start your own business with Monat for $199 and that includes products for you to use, samples to use or handout, and marketing materials. Then you'd receive free training from my team, your free website and 1:1 guidance from me.” 

Don’t want to run the business, but need some assistance with your self-care regimen? 

“To become a preferred customer, I would just need to know your hair type and scalp condition to make a personalized cart for you based on your specific hair type/concerns. With this comes free shipping, 15% off all products all the time, access to flash sales, free product with your orders, birthday surprise, flexible order options, compounding discounts program, and refer-a-friend program!”

If you have a passion for beauty and need a product to stand behind, Casey can definitely assist you in fueling your fire.

To contact Casey for more information, DM her on her Facebook Page.

To start your journey as a client or business owner, visit her site here and contact her for your personalized hair recommendations or business startup.

Join Casey on her journey and make it your own.

Happiness with Oils by Alexandra Irby - YOUNG LIVING

Alexandra’s goal and mission is to inform and educate individuals about how to take care of their body and home in the most chemical-free way possible.

From sleeping regimens to household and health, Young Living’s mission is to aid your body in healing itself and keeping oneself healthy and chemical-free.

“I have learned over the years that oils ARE NOT meant to fix you! Our bodies are self-healing organisms, or are supposed to be, and oils can help aid our bodies in healing themselves. Our 'Seed to Seal' process promises and ensures that only the very best products are helping heal you and maintain that health.”

After trying for years to have a family, (you can read her infertility struggle journey here), she knew that being informed and educated on healthy living was the top priority, for her, her husband and now her daughter who she fought so hard for. 

It's more than just a product, more than just a team, it's a family.

Alexandra truly believes that Young Living is more than just products, it’s a lifestyle and she educates her team, personally and professionally, on the benefits of going chemical-free in ALL aspects of life.

“Young Living is also so much more than oils. We have products for all ages, whether you are a tiny baby or maybe a little older in age. We carry supplements, face care, kids care, body care, oral care, baby care, cleaners and even makeup.” 

Young Living Seedlings Collection.

A personal favorite of hers is Thieves, the all-purpose cleaner and products for all aspects of the home and health, but she said all of the products serve an amazing purpose of elevating your life without medications or chemicals.

Please Note: Contact your physician prior to discontinuing medications or undergoing treatments as this does not replace medical care.

Alexandra said it’s extremely easy to start your own Young Living business and she aids you in your journey into the lifestyle, whether it’s for personal or professional reasons. And with a large variety of starter kits, you can start your home-based business with specific products you stand behind.

“The cost is dependent upon your starter kit and the products you are in need of, but the typical starter kit is roughly $150 for you to get what you need to begin and $50 a year in purchases to stay active, which is easy when you love and believe in the products so much.”

So whether you are wanting to run this as your side hustle or just interested in the products themselves, you can message Alexandra here or follow her Facebook Community, Happiness with Oils, for more information and how to get started today in your chemical-free journey.

Make sure you ask Alexandra how to become an Essential Rewards member.

4. Start a YouTube Channel or Blog

This one is very misunderstood because these entities themselves do not make money. 

However, if you have a little bit of time and a hobby you wish to share, then you can build a following, and in turn, gain collaborations, sponsorships, host-trainings. You name it, the skies the limit based on your creativity and knowledge of a particular topic.

This is your way to break into the market as an “influencer,” or an educator.

If you like making crafts, you can teach others how to do the same and create a subscription site. If you are passionate with words and have a lot to say, then businesses will pay you for ads or collaborations or sponsorships if you are able to grow your following enough (the ‘sweet spot’ seems to be 10k because of the features IG offers, however you can be a micro-influencer with just a few thousand).

The Daughter Diaries Blog

Now, I personally don’t make YouTube videos, but people are getting paid to open gifts and then kids are watching other kids play with said gifts, so who knows, maybe it works.

Just listen and research, find your passion, develop your niche, and start blogging.

Need a little help? Check out my 1:1 Coaching Session here to guide you on how to start your blogging business or any other business assistance you need to get you on the right track. 

5. Edit, Transcribe or Scope

If you’ve been deemed a “grammar queen,” then this one is for you. Scoping and transcribing are personally how I jumped in and started within the entrepreneurial world. It’s not for the faint of heart, though. It’s meticulous work that requires research and a detailed eye. 

It is a lucrative career, however.

Scoping is the career of taking depositions and court testimonials from court reporters and “scoping,” the document’s audio and steno to ensure it’s 100% accurate. This requires listening to the audio, making the corrections, and researching the terminology to make it perfect.

For transcription and editing, you only need a basic computer that allows for audio and a document filing system.

Scoping, however, requires a special software like CaseCAT (that’s what I use) and it’s recommended you go to school to understand the steno and court reporting rules. I went to BeST Scoping Techniques and I really loved it. To fully get your business going, it’s less than $5,000, along with a site for marketing, and I made it back in just a couple months.

Not always glamorous when your youngest is up all night, but definitely pays the bills.

Whatever direction you take, make sure you are pursuing a passion and feeling like you’re impacting and welcoming the flow of some new funds into your account.

What ways are you creative when it comes to making money?

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