May 26, 2020

Why You're Stressed Daily (And How Not To Be)

Lisa shares her secret of how she went from overwhelmingly stressed to balanced and blessed whereupon she stepped into the role of total mom boss (and it only takes 4 weeks).

Stressed. Exhausted. Overwhelmed.

If you use these terms to define your lifestyle, you may be a mother.

I’m going to preface this by saying everyone knows our lives are chaotic. This is not unusual and you aren’t alone. All of us moms live with stress, but it seems as though some struggle with it on a debilitating level (trust me, I know this well).

But it doesn’t have to be this way (I can show you how).

I'm going to help take you from hot mess to balanced and blessed in 4 short weeks.

Let me rewind.

I was the most stressed out person on this planet. True story.

I am raising two young girls 24/7, running 3 businesses out of my home, I’m a wife, a housekeeper and chef (okay, this one I kind of suck at).

My 3 businesses include this blog which consists of the community, Millionaire Mamas Club, business and lifestyle coaching, and operating the Motivated Mamas Society, a team of 25 women who are seeking balance and support on their personal health and fitness journey. I provide support to women at all levels through multiple facets and phases of their life. I’m consistently releasing programs to aid others in their personal and professional journeys, which is quite a bit of work despite being rewarding beyond measure.

Millionaire Mamas Club, a community for women to find balance while raising babies.

See why I live in a world of chaos and stress?

I had a turning point about two years ago, however.

After I totally burned out, I told myself I couldn’t do this anymore. I was overwhelmed, barely making ends meet with my businesses and stretched way past my capacity.

I knew something had to give, (without giving ANY of it up). 

So I dove down deep and came to the conclusion what the biggest stressor in my life was. 

It wasn’t my husband.

It wasn’t my kids.

It wasn’t my businesses.

It wasn’t my health and fitness journey.

Stuff. It all came down to the magnitude of stuff I had.

I’d like to pretend it was a big ah-ha moment that revealed itself to me, but it was actually my colleague and business coach, Alisa Manjarrez, that noticed what it was I truly needed and right when I needed it.

At that time, I had just given birth to Mia. I’d had enough, I wasn’t sleeping, working all the time and was complaining to her how chaotic my life was. Alisa gifted me with the book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” that would ultimately end up changing my whole life (this was before the KonMari hype).


The physical presence of items within your home causes you emotional and mental stress as it weighs you down.

If you can’t see your counter tops, constantly misplace stuff, feel like an angry mom, are habitually exhausted and have difficulty balancing even the simplest of tasks, then the physical presence of clutter is definitely not helping you. It may not be your sole stressor, but it’s definitely not aiding you on your journey to being a total mom boss.

When you are carrying physical and materialistic baggage, it’s a weight of memories; some that don’t bring you joy, some you have yet to create and some that just add to everything else in the present time of our lives.

You may have so much stuff that you can’t find things, nothing has a proper home, and everything seems to get scattered all over the house, (upon which you have to promptly push out of the way for a photo… or maybe you’ve even given up on that part).

The moment I discarded all the things that I didn’t care for, no longer needed, never liked to begin with, had too much of and subsequently found a home for the items I did keep, my life instantly changed.

In total, I discarded and donated over 80 bags of items, went on to sell another $4,000 worth of stuff, and removed and shredded over 50 lbs of papers.

It felt like a miracle and definitely was magic.

Also, I lost about 10 pounds completing the process, which was an added bonus (can you say #momwin?)!

This article isn’t just about throwing things away, however, because there’s a particular way to do it right so that you can live again in a whole new way.

Marie Kondo is my inspiration, but I take her steps even further to make this process possible in just 4-5 weeks while being a mother.

This was the beginning of 50 lbs of shredding...

Your life doesn’t have to be a chaotic mess and I’m going to show you how.

In just three steps you will be on your way to becoming the mom boss that I know is within you (who doesn’t lose her keys within her purse):

  1. Gathering
  2. Discarding
  3. Organizing

Upon which, you can live again, for good (even with kids). Yes, it’s true, mine still live here and my home is no longer a disaster—and my husband isn’t the tidiest person (and I decided to keep him regardless).

This Friday within the Millionaire Mamas Club, I am going to be diving further into what our stressors are, in particular, the steps to rid yourself of their physical presence and how to become more balanced on a daily basis. 

Click here to enroll in the free webinar: Millionaire Mamas Club.

This is your way to start organizing your life, with Phase 1 being your home, so get in the Club and learn how to get the work done efficiently.

You need to join 100%!

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