August 4, 2022

Mom of the Month: Crafting Your Legacy in Motherhood

Lisa discusses legacy and shares a Mom of the Month that can help you craft yours.


A word I talk a lot about on The Real Moms Playbook Podcast.

Legacy seems like a big, overwhelming and terrifying word full of false expectations and numerous letdowns.

Personally, I’ve always loved the word Legacy. I feel like Legacy forces you to rise to your best self and define what your world means to you.

Last year, I was blessed with getting to meet a woman and business owner who feels exactly the way I do when it comes to Legacy.

We’ve worked together throughout the last year and she was able to sponsor The Podcast. She is a mother and business owner I admire and I’m excited to share her with you today.

You all know that I’m a collector of amazing women. I feel we are a combination of all the women in our lives and so anytime I meet someone awesome, I feel blessed to have them in my presence.

Stephanie Chapman, Founder & CEO of Mom Strong, is a mother of five who is rocking her legacy and helping women and mothers envision and craft their own unique path. 

“I see so many moms struggle to find their identity after they have their children or being in bad relationships. They give their all to everyone and everything else. I wanted to change that.”

Stephanie told me that she wasn’t always rocking her life, but was once struggling immensely which helped her define her unique beginnings as a Mindset Mentor and Coach.

“I was a single mom of three who was struggling to make ends meet after being a teen mom twice and ending an abusive relationship. I was able to create an amazing life for myself and my kids through determination and strength. I know others who started where I did and gave up on everything because it was too hard to overcome all of the obstacles. I didn’t and now use my experiences to help other moms.”

Stephanie believes working on your mindset will start you off on the right road towards success.

“Start simple and stop making excuses! Use affirmations to stop negative thought patterns, journal daily so you can process your emotions and situations and find someone you look up to to use as inspiration when you need a pick-me-up.”

Stephanie feels strongly about Legacy and what it means for all of our futures.

“Legacy is what you leave behind when you’re gone! I want to leave an impact long after I leave this earth through the work I am doing. I change moms' lives every day, which changes children’s lives too. These children are our future. I will also begin certifying and training other coaches to do what I do for even more impact and expansion.”

I asked Stephanie if she had any final words for all you amazing moms.

“I want all moms to know that you’re not alone and to stop trying to conquer the world by yourself! Ask for help, hire the coach or make new mom friends… whatever you need to do to create the tribe you need to have the life you deserve.”

We couldn’t agree more! It's time to see your possibilities. Get in touch with Stephanie here to help her craft your legacy and join her free community here.

You can also meet Stephanie and learn from her every year as she’s a yearly guest speaker in The Real Moms Tribe. Join here to learn and grow consistently from her and other amazing women.

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