August 23, 2018

What All Moms Need For Their Birthday

Allie shares some things that all moms want and need on their birthday!

Hi everyone! As you may have heard/seen on our social media pages, today is my BIRTHDAY!!!

I've always been a birthday person--you know the kind who plans their birthday party with an elaborate theme months in advance? That's me!

But birthdays change after you become a mother. Now that there's a little human who completely relies on your care and attention, it's hard to make a day all about you, even when it is the one day that SHOULD be all about you!

Moms really only want one thing for their birthday (or any other day of the year, really), and that's.... you guessed it: ALONE TIME!

New clothes and accessories are nice, don't get me wrong, but having someone watch the baby while I can indulge in a little alone time is the gift that keeps on giving!

So, listen up dads, partners, family and friends: baby-free time is the gift the special birthday mama in your life REALLY wants, and here are three great/easy ways to make that happen for her!

1.) Send her on a shopping date

Take the baby for a few hours and let her spend some hard-earned mama money on herself! Just walking around the store alone is a mini-vacation in itself, so trust me, she will be THRILLED to walk up and down the aisles without worrying about an impending toddler meltdown. And actually trying on clothes in the dressing room without having to change a diaper or breastfeed? That's a HUGE plus!

2.) Bring her a coffee in bed

Let her sleep in (best gift EVER!) and when she wakes, let her greet the day with her favorite Venti Starbucks order without having to leave the bed! Sometimes, all us mamas want to do is scroll our phones for a while and be lazy, but we hardly ever get that opportunity, so give the birthday girl an hour or two to hang in her pjs, enjoy her coffee, and not worry about the kiddos!

3.) Give her the opportunity for self-care

What makes the birthday mama happy? Getting a mani-pedi? Giving herself a facial? Sipping a glass of champagne in the bathtub? Maybe she enjoys time at the gym or having an extra hour to work on her mommy blog (--that would be me!)? Whatever her self-care method of choice might be, take the babies and give her the opportunity to do just that!

Tonight, the hubs and I are going out to a fancy dinner on the town while my mom and dad take care of M, and I seriously cannot wait! It may not be "alone time," but any time without the munchkin today is much appreciated!

Don't get me wrong--I love my little one so much, just like any other mama, but on my birthday, I'm going to do me! I'm going to go on a date with my husband, have some good wine, good food, and NOT worry about the baby! Sounds like a dream.

Hope you all enjoyed the post! Blogging is what I love, so I was really excited to share some new content today. Make sure to subscribe to future posts and follow us on social media for exciting updates!

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