December 29, 2021

Questions to Ask Yourself Going into 2022

Lisa dives into setting the stage for a strong 2022.

It’s ironic that my first real Blog of 2021 would be at the end of the year.

It’s also funny how Daughter Diaries began as a blog and has transformed into 7 communities, a talk show, a book and now preparing for a podcast. Life, right? It’s crazy sometimes. 

I did feel in looking towards the next year, the Blog needed to return to help us answer some important questions moving forward.

This last month I’ve been sitting down and asking myself, “What do I hope for in 2022?

2021 was a beautiful year of growth, perseverance, learning and lessons and I truly believe that it’s not done yet.

Maybe your 2021 was a year of struggle, survival and hardships and that’s okay, we all have those years. I hope my questions in this Blog will help you to pave a more positive 2022. 

So, let’s grab a pen, a journal and let’s dive on into a new year, loud and proud!

Remember: Clarity creates confidence, calm and control.

Questions to ask yourself going into 2022:
What do I hope to do?

Tell me what you want, what you really, really want… 

Aimless is not the route you will be taking in 2022. I want you to know what you desire and what you will conquer.

These can be BIG or little things, the weight of your decisions is up to you. But having some sense of goals and direction heading into 2022 will better prepare you and set the whole tone for the year.

So, what is it you hope to do?

When do I hope to accomplish my dreams?

With a “what,” we also need a “when…”

Is your dream a six-month, one-year or even a five-year plan?

Knowing the time it will take to achieve it is just as important as the dream itself.

Setting false expectations and then failing to achieve them creates a whole level of insecurity and failure that we don’t need in 2022.

This is why the “achievable, realistic and timely” are really important components of a S.M.A.R.T. Goal.

When is the difference between make or break, so let’s make the stage for your goals to be achievable.

So, when are you hoping to conquer them?

Where do I ultimately hope to end up and How do I get there?

The end game may be different from the initial goal…

What you do may actually feel different than where you hope to end up because some goals need to be broken down.

Someone may want to make a million dollars, but they have to start by making a hundred dollars first.

Keep the end goal in mind while breaking them down into smaller, achievable goals.

How you get there, are the steps you will take this coming year.

So, where are you going and how will you get there?

Why do I even want this?

Is this for you or for something/someone else…

If what we desire isn’t truly important to us, then it most likely won’t be achieved.

Sitting down and asking yourself the hard question of why will help you understand what you actually will do in 2022. Shoulda, woulda, coulda are no longer in your vocabulary.

So, why do you want it?

Who am I becoming?

Change and growth is challenging…

Oftentimes what we are heading toward changes us (that’s the point of growth), so who are you hoping to become?

Maybe that someone is a person that’s healthy.

Maybe that someone is a person who is happy and peaceful.

Maybe that someone is a person with good boundaries and systems.

Whoever this amazing person is, just make sure she’s authentically you and heading in a direction you will be proud of. 

So, who are you becoming?

I hope these questions are getting you to think outside the box. 

It's important to connect with ourselves emotionally and spiritually, while being driven and task oriented.

Goals will get you places but your desire and dreams are what set the tone in the first place.

Cheers to a new year!

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