April 20, 2022

Powerful Mornings for Moms

Lisa shares how she begins her day off right in as little as 5 minutes.

The way you begin your day makes all the difference on how your day ultimately goes.

I get asked weekly how I am able to manage so much in my life between homeschooling, the talk show, launching the podcast and working with my clients.

The answer: How I Begin My Day

If you aren't a morning person, that's okay, this blog still applies to you and can actually cater to your natural circadian rhythm, aka your bio-time.

A mom doesn't need a whole morning to herself to be successful, just a few minutes of peace, calm and control can make a huge difference in your attitude, ability to persevere and overall mindset through your day.

I'm keeping this blog short and sweet so you can grab the info and go immediately apply it.

Each day I utilize Hal Elrod's SAVERS method. I love his philosophy on life and the tangible results that SAVERS provides.

Chaos will always strike in our lives, that's just life. But pausing and applying these techniques in as little as 6 minutes can bring that peace and calm to your mind that lasts throughout the chaotic day.

How I Apply the SAVERS Technique as a Mother:

Tip 1: Be realistic - sometimes a bad night turns into a later morning and that's okay.

Tip 2: Set up your space the night before - so you can get up and dive in

Tip 3: Don't break the chain - track how many days you can maintain your habit in a row

S is for Silence - one to two minutes of quiet breathing on the floor, focusing on breathing

A is for Affirmations - name / write three things you are thankful for

V is for Visualization - spend one minute picturing how you see the day ahead unfolding

E is for Exercise - spend one minute getting your heart rate up by jogging in place, jumping jacks or squats

R is for Reading - pick up The Real Moms Playbook and read a paragraph or two

S is for Scribing - grab a journal and take down some thoughts and emotions

If you are currently struggling, opening that inner dialogue can help you be successful.

Give it a try!

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