September 7, 2018

My Postpartum Weight Loss Journey

Allie talks about her postpartum fitness and health journey 10.5 months after having M.

I didn’t start my fitness journey until I was 10.5 months postpartum.

That’s right, it was almost a YEAR after I had my baby that I decided to get fit, and that’s ok. Our journeys and bodies are all unique!

After I gave birth, I was so focused on breastfeeding, acclimating to becoming a working mom, starting a blog, and making memories with my baby, that working out and getting my “pre-baby body” back just wasn’t a priority.

I went from being 120lbs and a size XS since I was 16 years old to gaining 40 lbs during pregnancy and only fitting into size Medium clothes after baby. It wasn’t great that I had to buy a new wardrobe, but my new size didn’t bother me.

My thighs were a little thicker, my hips a little wider, and you know what? I wasn’t upset or ashamed one bit. This body, no matter what size, brought life into this world, and I was so proud of it!

Then, one day, my perception changed.

My husband and daughter and I took a trip to the beach, and even though it wasn’t my first time in a bikini since giving birth, it was my first time out in public (like, not around a friend’s or parent’s pool), and something just didn’t feel right.

In every picture we took, I found myself hiding behind my husband or holding the baby to cover my stomach. I couldn’t pinpoint where this self-consciousness was coming from, but suddenly, I felt heavier and not fully happy in my own skin.

It was time to make a change, so I did some research on postpartum workout plans that I could do without a gym, right in my own living room, and fit it all into my chaotic schedule.

Nutrition was also an important factor. If the program made me cut out any food groups completely, then that was a deal-breaker (this mama was NOT about to give up the occasional Starbucks and Taco Bell, okayyy?!).

So, I landed on Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix. The workouts were all 30 minutes long and the only equipment required was 2 sets of weights (I used 5 lb dumbbells to start and in my last week was able to move up to 10’s!).

The meal plan was very easy to follow, especially with the containers Beachbody offers, and I was still able to eat carbs and sugar! The nutrition was all about balance and moderation, which made me feel really comfortable jumping in as a fitness plan first-timer.

Another element to the 21 Day Fix was the daily Shakeology protein shake, which came in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors. (They were all pretty darn tasty, but chocolate was my fave!) And I was super happy that the shakes were considered a snack and not a meal replacement, because that would have been a deal-breaker as well!

I’m not going to lie, the workouts are HARD. Day 1 is always the worst, but after the first week, it gets easier… Well, not EASIER, because that would defeat the purpose, but easier to push yourself (and actually look forward to crushing your daily workout!).

And the best part, is it’s only 21 days! That’s just 3 weeks! There are no rest days in the program, only active recovery days (i.e., yoga and pilates), but once you finished the first week, you’re already a third of the way done! How’s that for motivation?

My goal was to feel good in my own skin again, and after my first round of 21 Day Fix, I’m definitely on the road to a stronger, healthier mom bod!

I lost 4 lbs, 3 inches off my waist, 2 inches from my hips and thighs, and 1 inch from each arm in 3 weeks. I’m proud that I pushed myself to complete the program, and I couldn’t have done it without the help of the Motivated Mamas Society!

This group of like-minded, busy mamas who want to make fitness a part of their lives is amazing! We cheer for each other, share progress pics, swap healthy recipes, and motivate one another on the tough days when we just want to quit. Most importantly, we hold each other accountable for achieving our goals.

Starting a new fitness program is hard to do alone, so the support from the Motivated Mamas was essential!

I’ll be continuing my postpartum fitness journey by repeating 21 Day Fix and enrolling in the Motivated Mamas FREE 5-day Binge and Burn: Body After Baby challenge this month (Click here to join me!).

Overall, I’m confident again, I’m sleeping better at night, I have WAY more energy to chase my toddler around during the day, and in the words of Elle Woods, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t kill their husbands.”

Truth be told, I am happy, AND my husband is still very much alive :).

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