October 15, 2018

My #1 Self-Care Activity

Lisa shares her self-care ritual she can’t live without.

I am so many things: A mother, a business owner, a wife, a friend.

Everyday, I’m bombarded with direct messages, texts, emails, and calls.

Recently, I’d had enough. I was overwhelmed and beaten down.

It wasn’t the busyness that got me, it was the fact I took NO time for myself.

I’m not really a facemask and bath-soak kinda gal, so finding a self-care activity that could help me relax and unwind was a bit of a challenge.

I’m a huge nerd for planning. Staying organized is what soothes me. So when I got my yearly planner from One Love Paper Co, I could not wait to put it to use!

Writing in my planner is how I have my daily “me” time and has rescued my sanity from the chaos of everyday mom life.


I realized for my health, wellbeing and sanity, I needed just 15 minutes for myself a day.

It’s so much more than a fleeting feel-good. It’s time well-spent doing something I enjoy: writing down my thoughts in an organized way and visualizing my dreams on paper.

Whether it’s before your kids wake up, during a time when your spouse can entertain them, or after they go to bed, figure out what time to take for you each day and set aside just 15 minutes.

We mom 24/7; we can take a few minutes to ourselves with a pretty planner and a hot cup of coffee (for once) and just reflect on us.


My husband has his magazines, my daughters have their coloring books, I have my 2019 Planner.

It gives me purpose. It gives me meaning.

When I became a mother, I didn’t realize all that would be asked of me ALL THE TIME. And I now understand how important self-care is to my health and my identity.

Self-care is not selfish; it’s a necessary part of our lives.

After that 15 minutes of reflection and planning, I am able to come back into my life refreshed and energized. I am able to be a better mother, a better business owner, a better wife and friend. I’m proactive and energetic versus passive and exhausted.

It’s what fuels your fire. It’s the thing(s) that you desire before you. It’s what keeps you up at night with excitement for tomorrow.


This type of self-care is like no other. You can enjoy it daily without spending any money.

It’s not over once the polish dries. It’s not over after the meal is done. It’s not a fleeting indulgence, but a productive activity with lasting benefits.

My planner is with me everywhere I go, and I take that time for me to reflect and plan ahead.

Whether it’s a big dream or a small task, this planner helps you to bring those ideas to life.


This is a way to live for tomorrow versus getting caught up in the minutia of today.

Planning and goal-setting allow me to organize, decompress and reflect on what I truly want out of life.

I chose “Live Happy” for the theme of my planner because I’m determined to make 2019 my best year yet by making time for what makes me happiest: my family.

Balance and time management are always a struggle for us mamas, but the planner makes it so much easier to “do it all,” whatever the “it” may be.

For me, “it” is business, teaching my children, working out, going on date nights with my hubby, and finding time to enjoy the sweet memories of my girls’ childhood.

My planner makes it possible because I can write it all down, organize my days, months and the coming year, and in my daily 15 minutes of self-care, I can make it HAPPEN.

Order your own planner here, in the beautiful design of your choice.

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