February 24, 2022

Mom of the Month: Safe Solutions

Lisa shares one of her favorite self-care products for herself and her little ones.

Over the last two years, I’ve really dove into holistic living and making changes from many household products that contain loads of chemicals to vegan, organic and clean.

When getting ready for my book launch and collaborating with other women-owned businesses, I knew I wanted to work with women who desired to not only make a difference but also look at sustainability, environmental and health impacts.

Have you ever met someone and they instantly had such a positively profound impact on you?

That is exactly how I felt when I met this month’s Mom of the Month, Mfon, owner of Ziggy’s Pudding.

Mfon owner of Ziggys Pudding
Mfon, owner of Ziggy's Pudding
“Ziggy’s Pudding is inspired by our children…”

This woman does it all:

  • Moms like a total boss
  • Homeschools her 3 beautiful kids
  • And provides SAFE solutions for parents who struggle

That’s an interesting word, isn’t it? And often something that we don’t dive into enough when it comes to what products we place on our children on a daily basis.

We grab the name brand—the one our mother most likely used—call it a day and move on, picking up the next mess our toddler left behind.

Don’t feel guilty if you currently don’t look behind the label, neither did I, until I started researching why our skin was so sensitive, why we were getting sick all the time and why I struggled with my Endometriosis.

Everything we eat, place on our skin and maintain within our environment impacts our health.

Mfon comes from a medical background as a critical care nurse and is a holistic health and wellness coach.

Once her son, Ziggy, was born, he struggled with diaper rash.

The Heal Bundle

All of our children experienced eczema, ranging from mild to severe, to even infected and weepy.

Utilizing her background, trial and error, mixed with badass perseverance and determination, Mfon created her magician concoction (because it is magic) that was effective and fast, curing Ziggy’s diaper rash.

And everyone wanted—and needed—it, so Mfon turned her homemade concoction for her son into a booming business.

Head to Toe Body Bundle

The Mission

Ziggy’s Pudding is here to help moms and parents dealing with the skin-damaging effects of eczema, diaper rash as well as other skin irritations with vegan, plant based, truly natural skincare that is restorative, safe and effective.


When I met Mfon, I was instantly pulled into her mission, her products and even her gorgeous clean branding. She went from selling it from her home, to being offered in multiple shops and markets.

This mom is going places! And she can help you too.

“I look at the body from a holistic approach, and utilize scientific research, my knowledge, skills and passion in formulating our products.”

Baby Body Butter

The Products 

And just because her kids may not need the diaper rash cream any longer, she creates a wide variety of products that are effective in soothing, treating and preventing all the way through adulthood.

My personal favorite is the baby body oil (I personally love it for my cuticles and scalp which often get dry).

Lisa holding Baby Oil

She offers scented and unscented to fit your preferences and even has created some great bundles (because we always want it all!)

Shop all of her amazing products here.

Support her and her mission here.

If you and your loved ones struggle with skin irritations, then you definitely need to get into contact with Mfon, who has safe solutions for you. She may have more products releasing soon, so you won’t want to miss out.

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