July 24, 2018

Mindless Meal Prepping for a Maniac Mother

Lisa gives her tips and tricks for making meal prep effective and easy with limited time!

Some days, I feel like I’m insane. Okay, most days I feel like I’m insane. From running three businesses to raising two kids and a husband, (really the husband thing is legitimately needed), I need my health and fitness to be EASY.

I cannot spend hours a week going to the gym and working out.

I cannot spend hours a week planning my food, grocery shopping, and prepping it, much less eating it. Mama ain’t got that kind of time!

The biggest struggle most of my clients face is understanding nutrition. They don’t know what to eat and when to eat it. This is very NORMAL!

That’s why, when I found Portion Fix, I had to share it. It’s a simple to use system that teaches you exactly how much you are supposed to eat. It’s fast, easy to understand, and makes my life as simple as possible (even though I try to always make my life complicated).

Perfectly portioned and took just an afternoon, a crockpot, and a microwave to make a week's worth of meals!

What is Portion Fix?

It’s these handy-dandy little containers, in which you shove pre-approved food, (purchase here), so you know exactly what to eat. I work with my clients on how much they can eat daily and when to eat it. I will be discussing this more in other posts in the future, but this is the gist of it.

The containers are color-coded and you are allotted "X" amount per day based on your required caloric intake.

Mindless Meal Prepping

I like to make the things I do not enjoy doing in my life EASY, so that I actually do them. I am NOT a foodie, nor do I enjoy cooking. I eat to survive, while enjoying my food choices and all without putting too much effort into the whole process makes this a winning combination!

I like to make the things I do not enjoy doing in my life EASY, so that I actually do them.
Here is my process for success:

Draft up a quick menu of what I will be eating the following week. I like to keep it as simple as possible, and the portion containers help me visualize what I’m allotted.


Grocery shopping day. I know where I am going prior to the trip, so my grocery list is in order so I can zip in and out. This is really necessary with two kids! You can even utilize a grocery pickup service, like at Walmart here.


Meal prep day. Get out ALL of your fruits, veggies, meats and wash them, portion them and put them away. If I am making a crockpot meal, I put everything together in the morning and let it cook, then portion it out and put it away. If I do not do this all at once, I find that I let my fruit and veggies go bad, I don’t eat them, and instead, I end up raiding the pantry when I’m hungry.

Crockpot or Instant Pot will seriously make your life THAT much easier.

Better yet, for a bonus, wash your fruits and veggies when you get home from grocery shopping to be even more efficient (I’m too exhausted after grocery shopping or else I’d do this).

During the week:

Eat every three to four hours based on the menu you drafted on Friday.

Remember: Make it easy, Mamas!

Need help meal planning and getting your life headed in the right direction health-wise? Contact me, Lisa, at lautry12@gmail.com today! I help with everything from nutrition to fitness and understand what it takes to shred that baby weight in a healthy way!

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