January 12, 2021

Mental Health & Your Business

Lisa dives into her techniques for maintaining your emotional wellbeing while running a business.

This is the first blog in the new year, so Happy New Year!

I figured we need to come out the gate strong—and what needs to be discussed more than our mental health; particularly our mental health when it comes to running a business (mental health is always important and seems to be more difficult to manage when we are a business owner).

Running your own business is rough AF.

We struggle with knowing what to do when.

We are pulled in many different directions like household, childcare and wifely duties.

We often feel insecure about who we are as women and the true power we hold.

And that takes a physical and emotional toll on our bodies and mental health.

As I’m writing this, I’m currently relaxing because my endometriosis is flaring up and I’m on the struggle train, it’s just one of those days.

Creating emotional strength takes time and lots of love for ourselves, and it was especially crucial for me as I dove into the crazy things I did last year.

My mantra for 2020 was “scare myself daily,” and I far exceeded that task, but I couldn’t have done it without my emotional wellbeing and willingness to invest in myself.

I learned so much about myself last year. I had one epiphany after another, and today I will be sharing with you the things I did to remain emotionally strong when I didn’t know the right steps to take in the moment (fake it till you make it, right?).

My mantra for 2021 is “do less, achieve more,” because now that my beautiful foundation is laid, I can begin to grow with confidence and security in our mission; which means removing some of the things that don’t fit me and having other more capable people handle them (more about that soon).

So how do we build that emotional intelligence and improve our mental health when we are trying to manage a business?

Here’s 4 tips to help your mental health:

Build those boundaries

Boundaries are a beautiful thing and often a thing we have no regard for.

Protect your space and protect your energy by saying, “no”, sometimes if it’s affecting your mental health.

Being an entrepreneur, I know a thing or two about the disease to please, because we want our clients to be happy, but I have to make sure it’s right for me, what I desire being a business owner and ensure I’m able to be the best me possible.

In order to live to be our best selves, we have to ensure we are creating an environment in which we can grow and one that’s fulfilled through boundaries.

Listen to what your heart tells you when a customer or client asks for extra. 

Friends asking for your time or product for free all the time? Yeah, they aren’t your friends because they are pushing your physical and emotional boundaries, but it’s up to you to let them know that.

You can be kind and gentle, but still be firm. Ask yourself, “does this help me become the person I need to be and create the life I deserve and desire?” If not, then kindly say no and move on.

You will lose people, but those were not your people.

Having a consistent workspace like an office or outdoor place will help with boundaries between work and play.

Establish morning rituals and routines

When we have control, we feel more secure. That means starting and ending our days on a consistent, positive note.

I love to begin every morning in peace, clarity and quiet, so I utilize Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning technique, “SAVERS.” It stands for Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading and Scribing. 

I started this just to have some time to myself, but I quickly realized this made me a more patient, positive and confident woman and mother, and that helps me to step into my best self daily. 

I also found once chaos struck, it didn’t shake me like it used to.

Here is how I practice it:

  1. 5 minutes of silent breathing.
  2. 3-5 minutes of practicing my affirmations I wrote for the month and writing in my gratitude journal.
  3. 10 minutes of visualizing what my day holds (planning) and where I want to go during the month.
  4. 10 - 15 minutes of stretching (I do my actual fitness at a different time block).
  5. 15 minutes of reading a personal development book to elevate my positivity.
  6. 10 minutes of scribing in the girls’ journals and then to myself in mine. I mean, we are The Daughter Diaries, after-all, so naturally we all have diaries around here.

This system and morning ritual has been the biggest driver in my success, especially when I knew the day ahead would be filled with stress and chaos. It’s my “calm before the storm” moment.

Every morning I begin with S - Silence.

Create affirmations to affirm your beliefs

You are what you believe you are.

I’ve always loved the quote by David J Schwartz: “Those who believe they can move mountains, do. Those who believe they can't, cannot. Belief triggers the power to do.”

You have the ability to accomplish anything in your business, but the first step in success is belief.

Write some affirmations that you particularly struggle with and repeat them every morning during SAVERS or every evening before you go to bed.

I also tell clients who struggle with self confidence to place “Positivity Post-Its” around the house that help them maintain their emotional strength and elevates their energy.

Remember: You are worthy of the life you desire!

Need some affirmations? Grab 60 affirmations and action prompts here!

Positivity Post-It's help remind you on a consistent basis and elevate your vibe.

Plan and process check

When I’m in total freak-out mode because of new things I am doing, I always pause and create a process for myself.

As I always say, systems are SEXY, so when you create a process or rules for yourself, you gain that control over a situation you otherwise may not have had control in.

Last week I made my first television appearance and prior to going live, I felt like I was going to literally puke my guts up. Instead, I sat down and wrote my talking points and highlighted the important things I needed to say. Instantly, it calmed my energy and actually excited me.

When you establish control over a situation, then you can feel as though you have succeeded prior to even taking the action. And that is huge for our mental health and emotional wellbeing.

I always end my day checking off my boxes of things I did and moving things I didn’t accomplish to the next day. This also helps us gain control when sometimes we feel lost and reckless. Don’t lose faith or give up on yourself, you are worthy of the life you are creating. Just keep going and listen to your head and heart.

-Create those boundaries.

-Establish morning rituals for yourself.

-Affirm your beliefs of the life you wish to create.

-And lastly, plan, process and check what is going on in your life.

Remember: Have faith in yourself. Everything will happen as it is meant to. If you feel as though you failed, it was meant to happen to teach you about yourself. 

I’ve had many, many failures, but even more successes because I kept getting back up, and you’ll find out what to do to help create your success in Building Your Business over Brunch.

I’m also including a bonus with the Brunch on stepping into your emotional success this year and making it your best year yet (emotionally and physically)!

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