August 21, 2018

Internet Safety Tips for Kids

Tips for keeping your children safe on the internet!

In today's age, everyone is connected to their phones virtually 24/7. It's your birthday, everyone knows it. It's your anniversary, everyone knows it. And your child is born, everyone knows it.

While social media gives us a gateway into everyone's daily lives, even from afar, it also poses an extremely real issue for our children.

When starting our mommy business, we knew we would be placing our girls in the spotlight in a very public place. We had to ask ourselves, “Is this right?”

One thing about us is we are undeniably diligent in thinking about EVERY little detail. Two meticulous people working together means we will do whatever it takes to cover ALL our bases.

When we thought about starting a blog, we definitely knew one thing: We wanted our children to be safe.

While we understand that our children will appear on this website, since it is a mommy blog filled with personal anecdotes, parenting hacks, etc., we knew we needed to filter content and images for safety reasons.

Before we post anything on our blog, we ask ourselves the following three basic questions, and if the answer is ever “Yes,” the post will never make its way on the internet:

1. Is my child naked or physically vulnerable in any way?

Pictures of our sweet babies smiling and splashing away in the tub may seem completely innocent, but sharing them online (no matter how darling their little tushies might be), could backfire when they get older.

What we think is cute could be degrading to them later in life, and since they are too young to consent (or truly understand what they are consenting to), it’s best to just keep those naked baby pictures offline. Not to mention, any photo with exposed skin could attract the wrong kind of attention (i.e. predators).

Photo Credit: Sasha K Photography

2. Is my child’s location being revealed?

If an address, school name or specific location can be seen in the photo, then it’s definitely not worth sharing. Putting our kids in the public eye means ANYONE can find them if we reveal where we live and other places we frequent.

‍Photo Credit: Sasha K Photography

3. Is this photo potentially embarrassing to my child?

It’s SO tempting to share pictures of our kids having hilariously dramatic meltdowns, or using the big kid potty for the first time. However, as explained above, our kids are too young to consent to us posting these pictures, so although they may seem funny to us, or we might be proud of their potty training milestone, these images could seriously embarrass them later on.

‍Photo Credit: Sasha K Photography

Once people see these pictures, they cannot be unseen. Same goes for content! When we write posts about our kids, we try to do it with their best interest in mind. Any descriptive text or hashtags that draw the wrong attention or portray them negatively could pose a problem.

Also, keep in mind that ANYTHING posted online - even if you have a private account - can be screenshotted and publicized on the web, so we not only apply the above criteria to our blog, but to our private social media pages as well.

So if you think our blog is a little too heavy on the cutesy, “perfect” images that show only the positive (and often unrealistic) side of parenthood, just know that we’re struggling like everyone else.

Our kids are not perfect, and we are certainly not perfect. But when our children’s safety is compromised by a photo, or blog post, you won’t find it here!

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