January 24, 2021

How to Make Your Habits Stick

Lisa shares how to start and stick with habits.

You’re making your habits hard, unattainable even.

True story.

And we often think we can’t add something new to our already jam packed lives.

You start a fitness program, fueled by the desire to get fit, go all out and then a couple weeks later drop the whole regimen altogether.

You pick up a book, intent on becoming a reader, and then lose the book a few days later.

You grab the floss one morning, determined to have good oral hygiene, and then forget about it three nights later.

Well, I’ll tell you it’s because you are making it harder than it really needs to be.

Today I will be taking you through my philosophy that I utilize to stay consistent in my business, health/fitness, marriage and relationships and my self care.

We will build those systems to work for you versus against you so you don’t feel like a habitual refresher.

Please Note: This is just a tiny bit of what I am offering in the Boss Babe Habits Workshop + 21-Day Accountability Challenge, so join us!

Why your habits aren’t sticking & what to do about it:

You Burn Yourself Out by Going All Out

Yeah, I see you.

January 1, you made a commandment to yourself that you are a whole new woman in this new year who gives it 120% in nutrition, fitness, taking your vitamins and diving into that self-care. And here we are at the end of January and you are burned TF OUT.

Sometimes something isn’t sustainable when it requires all of our time and energy because oftentimes our time and energy also have to go other places, like the whirlwind in our life - aka, motherhood, wifely duties, household duties, job, etc.

When we dive in too hard, adding too much to our already full plates, we are likely to burn out, but don’t worry, there’s a fix for that.

What to do about it: Make it SMALL

Itty bitty habits that are just challenging enough make it easier to fit into the chaos of our daily lives - making them achievable and buildable.

We love a challenge but we don’t love something when we totally burn out, so pushing yourself to start something new is hard enough to make it attainable.

What’s the ONE THING you can do to move a piece forward in your life to make a big impact compounded over time?

Don’t know? Then you definitely need the Habits Workshop. We will find the ONE THING.

You’re Making it too Difficult

When something seems unattainable, no matter if others have achieved it, we already set ourselves up for failure.

We halt before we really even move.

We stumble before we really even take a step.

We belittle ourselves before we really even give it a shot.

When we look at a massive mountain we’ve never climbed, it’s easy to pack up and go home, ditch the goal or habit and forget about it altogether, hard things are just… well… HARD.

But there’s a way to make it attainable.

What to do about it: Make it EASY

This one habit you are adding to your life is important. So important that you are wanting to commit your time and energy to it, so start SMALL and make it EASY to fit into your life.

We will be discussing this in the actual Workshop, but anchoring it to already formed habits and cueing yourself in on when it needs to take place, will help build the habit towards longevity and success.

Start SMALL.

Make it EASY.

You Really Don’t Want It

When we really don’t desire something, then it just ain’t going to happen, sister.

Maybe we are told we need to be doing something or maybe you don’t understand the true importance of the thing you need to do, or maybe it’s that big of a hurdle that it’s stunted your ability to acknowledge that you both desire and need it in your life.

In that case, we need to take a step back from that big, difficult goal and ask ourselves, “How can we make this fun in order to achieve successful implementation into our lives?”

What to do about it: Make it FUN

When something is fun, we are able to pull our time and energy behind it. When we complete the act and check off that box, it’s that compelling scoreboard that we desire, which, in turn, rewards us for our hard work and propels us to move forward further.

Another important component is having a real conversation with yourself on what it is you really want and why you want it.

Why do I desire this in my life?

What will I gain when I add this to my life?

I felt this way about my morning routine. It was a chore until I asked myself why I truly wanted/needed it in my life and then found out a way to structure it to make it fun to achieve it daily.

We will create a compelling scoreboard that makes the habit a fun challenge in order to succeed within the Habits Workshop.

Start SMALL.

Make it EASY.

Make it FUN.

Make sure you join me for the small, easy and fun Boss Babe Habits Workshop January 29 and the 21-Day Accountability Challenge where we are going to get it done together!

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