January 31, 2021

How to Get More Done Daily

Lisa shares her daily tips on working smarter, not harder.

I meet with a lot of clients per week, whether they are enrolling in Mamas Unstoppable Tribe or have booked a 1:1 session with me. 

And something that always seems to come up is calm and control.

They want peace and calm.

They desire control and consistency.

And they are seemingly failing at both in their eyes.

I first realized in college that I was good with my time compared to some of my peers but definitely had a lot to improve upon.

Over the course of the last decade and a half, I’ve dove into how to work smarter with my time, get more done but without a great deal more work.

In the beginning of my entrepreneurial days, this was abysmal, because I was putting in more hours than in the day it seemed.

And once I had children, I realized that my processes and systems needed drastic improvement.

But over time I have achieved this peace and calm (despite being a mother to 2 with 3 businesses) and I have that control and consistency that we all need and desire in our days.

So today I am sharing 4 secrets in how I get more done daily without compromising my fun time, my rest and my relationships.

But also, don’t forget, get into Elevate Your Energy: 6 days to a more peaceful and productive you through positivity. You are worth the time and effort in yourself.

Tip 1: Commit to a Process

I was originally going to say “your process,” but then I realized a lot of women don’t have a process, they wander aimlessly through life hoping one will present itself.

Well, it won’t.

You have to determine what needs to be done, when it should get done and then commit to a process that helps you become more efficient. 

Need help defining your perfect process? Enroll in a 1:1 with me and we will tailor a system to your life, successfully.

I truly believe everyone needs to establish work blocks, themes to their days and segment their time where that structured discipline will ultimately create their freedom.

My days are segmented into theme weeks, themed days and work blocked hours, so I make sure I am doing what needs to be done most versus trying to do it all.

Remember: Doing it all is a losing battle because there will always be something to do. 

Focus on what’s important.

Create a process around it.

And you will succeed at getting more done without more effort.

Tip 2: Schedule Your Appointments

Not with your doctor.

Not with the school.

But with yourself.

Yes, you need to be an appointment for yourself.

If you spend just 15 minutes on yourself (you can find 15 minutes in a day that has 1440 minutes), you will be more confident, happy and fulfilled.

Every morning I have 2 appointments with myself:

  1. My self care regimen
  2. My ONE thing that makes everything else in my life easier 

I don’t compromise this time and on really busy days I condense it, but I always do it. These are two meetings that must be done because they make everything else easier or completely unnecessary during my day.

Miss your scheduled meeting? Always have a backup plan.

Life will always happen and throw us— and that’s okay— but ensuring you always have a backup plan will mean you are putting yourself as a priority somewhere in that 1440-minute day.

Tip 3: Find a Focus

Anyone that tries to do it all won’t do it very well.

And if you think that you have to do this thing called life completely alone, you won’t get very far.

Seeking support is extremely important but also finding your focus in life will put you on a direct path towards success.

Once I asked the question by Gary Keller, the focus question— “What’s the one thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?” —more time began to present itself to me.

I found my focus and my path became clear. 

I began getting more done in a day without intentionally trying and I had more time for me which was a must.

Take a few moments to assess your life and determine where your one focus should be (no, this doesn’t mean everything else gets ignored, it means you put that one thing as priority and ensure it gets done daily above all else).

Tip 4: Elevate Your Energy / Protect Your Vibe

You are what you believe about yourself.

The deepest level of successful behavioral change is identity shifts, believing you are the best version of yourself.

But you also need to work on yourself.

This is why I created Elevate Your Energy, 6 days to a more peaceful and productive you through positivity. This can be accomplished in just a few moments a day by focusing on you and what you want out of this life.

What does your ideal life look like?

How do you think you can achieve it?

Believing, planning and acting will get you where you want to go, but having a strong emotional foundation is the forefront of that.

With all the negativity in the world, we need to facilitate and foster a positive and peaceful atmosphere in our heads, our hearts and our home and I’m going to teach you how.

We are going to create an environment that caters to your success.

We will be initiating rituals to make you more peaceful and positive.

We will develop systems to make you more productive.

So join me by enrolling here and joining the community!

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