September 29, 2018

How To Create a Functional (Stress-Free) Home Office

Lisa shares her tips on how to create the perfect office space to maximize your efficiency.

When I was developing the launch plan for this blog, I knew I would be adding additional responsibilities to my already full plate.

As mothers, we are constantly pulled in different directions every day. And as a work-from-home mom, it feels like the daily demands are never ending.

When I began the venture into entrepreneurship, I knew I needed to be diligent in properly defining the roles of my life in order to maintain balance.

A big part of that was having a designated workspace of my own; a place for me to really “escape” the other areas of my life.

I decided, in creating the space, that my former, completely unused, dining room would be the perfect spot to run an effective workstation.

I developed a few tips to creating a functional home office and workspace where you can enjoy stepping into each day and actually be productive!


The fun part of making a home office is putting it all together and decorating it.

I was told blue is a calming color, so I chose blue as my wall color to help ease daily stress and added a pop of gold here and there in some furniture pieces for a little fun!

Running three completely different businesses requires a lot of storage. These amazing bookcases, the credenza and desk are all part of the Hemnes Collection at Ikea. Extremely affordable and very nice (and surprisingly easy to put together!).

I also got a really comfortable chair, because I am sitting a lot.

My kids are often in my work space while they are awake, so I made sure to add a drawer in one of the bookcases with some of their favorite toys to occupy their time while I make the most of mine. Don't forget to secure all large pieces, like the bookcases, to the wall to keep it from tipping over.

I set up my office to function well for me and promote efficiency. That means putting the most used things close at hand, like pens and Post-Its. And things that I only need every once in a while, like my taxes, out of the way, but somewhere I could still get to them if needed.


Even though my family is in the home with me while I work, I still like to bring photos of them into the space to remind myself why I do what I do.

Also, when I have an extremely crazy deadline, I love to diffuse doTERRA’s Wild Orange and Peppermint together to give me the burst of energy I need to finish the job! (Contact Rebecca at @jms_dailyessentials to order!)

I also like to hang up some inspiration like a goal sheet for the income I want to bring in that month or a vision board. It’s hard to reach goals if you can’t see them, so I like to put them somewhere I see it often to keep my eye on the prize!


Nothing is worse than trying to work in a place that is cluttered and messy.

To avoid this, make sure everything has a specific place to reside so you can access it when needed.

If something doesn’t belong in your office, then it’s got to go somewhere else in the house.

Make sure to place an inbox on your desk for items that require additional action to be taken, or if you are waiting for something to be completed and filed away.

Another key thing (that I struggle with) is processing my daily mail.  

Go through it every day at a specific time (set an alarm if needed!), throw away the junk, place things, like bills, that need to be paid in your inbox (requires your action by paying them), and things, like statements, filed away in their designated place.

Do a 5-minute tidy before bed to keep your desk surface clean.

Finished for the day, but not done with the whole job? Place your items in a folder in your inbox or next to your computer so they’re not forgotten, but don’t just leave them spread across the desk.

Whether you need a lot of storage or a little, have a ton of paperwork or hardly any, make your home office a place you enjoy stepping into each day and make yourself the most productive entrepreneur (or mompreneur) possible!

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