How the "I Am Many" Campaign is for Every Mom

Why are women, especially mothers, always getting pigeonholed into one category?

One label defines us, like stay-at-home mom, or working mom, but our other talents and capabilities are often overlooked.

I think society forgets - I think WE forget - how truly multifaceted we really are.

When I came across Rebecca Minkoff’s #IAMMANY campaign, I was instantly intrigued. Giving women the opportunity to celebrate the many facets of our identities is a wonderful gift that I felt compelled to enjoy and share.

I am a mother. I am a wife. I am a friend, a daughter, and an aunt. I am an animal lover. I am a researcher. I am a writer. I am a woman.

#IAMMANY pays tribute to all women, and especially those who inspire and uplift other women. As a mother, I see how important it is to share solidarity with fellow moms. We do A LOT with what little time we have in our days.

“I don’t know how you do it all” is a statement, or perhaps judgment, I get pretty frequently. I am a wife, a mom of one, I co-own and operate The Daughter Diaries blog, I work full-time as a research director, work out for 30 minutes every day, and try my best to spend time with friends and family.

But I realize that “I am many,” because I have many. By that, I mean I have many helping hands and supportive voices getting me through my hectic days.

My mom watches my baby girl while I’m in the office, and I put her in daycare the other days of the week. My husband helps watch her when I do my daily workout, and I get the majority of my blog work done after we put her to bed. And when I have a tight work deadline and can’t get to publish my blog articles, Lisa steps in and helps me out.

I am multi-talented and driven. I am organized, determined, and resourceful. I am many, but I would be none without those who help me along the way.

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