April 23, 2022

Refocus & Revival with Earthley

Lisa shares an interview she had with Earthley Wellness as this month's Mom of the Month.

I’m always looking for companies that are educated, resourceful and think outside the box.

When I interviewed Mfon from Ziggy’s pudding last month, I shared that I was looking for brands that were more holistic in nature, were safe and helped me on my journey towards removing toxic chemicals from our home.

The Revival - Holistic Approach

The last couple years have brought a new light to how people view health and what modern medicine is all about.

When I stumbled upon Earthley a year ago, I felt like Kate’s amazing brand was speaking directly to me.

It all started with detergent and escalated from there.

Earthley’s mission is to change the way the world sees healthcare. They offer educational resources like the “How to Use Herbal Vitamins for Immune Support” ebook and a large variety of home and healthcare products to fit your holistic needs. They educate, offer affordable and safe alternatives and further the cause for medical freedom in forms of public support and donations to the cause.

Households are also looking towards sustainable living, and Earthley checks that box as well.

“At Earthley, we do everything we can to make sure our carbon footprint and waste is minimal. Every year, we donate and plant trees. We compost our herbs after we use them to make products.  

Our facility is even powered by solar energy.  We make sure to pick quality ingredients that are ethically and sustainably sourced. And we offer education to others on how to live life sustainably, simply, and healthily, whether they purchase a product or not. 

We want people to know that there ARE alternatives. There IS a better way. And they CAN live this way, too.” 

Earthley Good Night Lotion
Earthley's Good Night Lotion
The Refocus - Asking Questions & Seeking Answers

Kate's why and how she got started was all because of her child.

Kate ran from doctor to doctor while trying to deal with her child’s food allergies and health challenges. But none of them were helping. The final straw was when her daughter was prescribed diaper rash cream that actually exacerbated the eczema.

Kate knew there had to be a better way, so she dove into research, developed her first herbal remedy—the diaper salve—and quickly Earthley was born. Kate co-authored a book with pediatrician, Dr. Bob Zajac and has continued to grow Earthley into the amazing company that it is today.

Life isn’t one size fits all.
Health isn’t one size fits all.
Our choices shouldn’t be one size fits all.
Founder & Owner of Earthley Wellness, Kate

Earthley’s focus on safe and affordable products also means they source every ingredient and make it right in their warehouse. They also keep sustainability in mind when it comes to manufacturing and packaging products, shipping directly to consumers and minimizing the packaging. 

“Natural living doesn’t have to be hard, complicated, or expensive.  Nor does it have to be all-or-nothing.  Starting with even one or two changes can make a BIG, lasting impact on the quality of your life!”

I asked Kate to give moms one piece of advice to feel more confident and she said, “Question everything. And without fear. You are the one who knows your child best. You are the one in control. No one can tell you how better to do your job, than you.”

Ask questions.
Seek alternatives.
And always keep an open mind to brands that think outside the box.

Join the revival and adjust your focus.

Shop and support Earthley here.

Mineral Deodorant
Earthley's Mineral Deodorant
My personal favorites:

Laundry Detergent - citrus

Gentle Coconut Milk Soap

Sun Shield Lotion 

Moisturize Me!

I’m proud that this brand chose to work with me on my book launch and now podcast and I’m proud to have them in my home daily.

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