July 22, 2020

Dear Past, Goodbye...

As we move into our future, we must say goodbye to those from our past who wish to stay...

Dear Past,

It’s been awhile since I’ve been here with you. The current state of affairs has me living very much in the moment and reminding me what I’m doing for the future. 

But I’ve come to tell you and those that are no longer on this journey with me an official goodbye.


Because I cannot move on until I tell those from my past it’s time to let go, and ultimately tell myself it’s time to let go. I cannot grow into who I need to be if I’m dragging the past in a halfhearted effort to keep something going that wasn’t there on the opposite end.

And that’s okay. 

Not everyone will see what I am trying to do, some will disagree, some will fall off, some will disappear. 

But this is not their journey - it’s mine and I need to live my mission, my purpose and grow.

I owe my future self that. I owe my husband and girls that. I owe those that I will impact, unite and aid that.

And I know the person I am growing into is one who I’m truly meant to be and those that don’t see my transformation as a good thing aren’t meant to see who I’m going to grow into.

So those of my past who wish to stay there, goodbye. Thank you for the lessons you taught and the boundaries you helped me to set.


A Mom Who Knows What She Needs

If you are struggling letting go from your past, stop and think who you can become if you finally let go. 

The world needs the challengers who are willing to push forward into the unknown for the things we believe in, it’s time to make ourselves known.

And we need to say goodbye to those in the past who just don’t align with that.

Write a letter and make peace with that goodbye, then you can finally move forward.

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