July 31, 2018

An Open Letter to My Mother

Lisa talks about what it means to be a mother, and in turn, thanks her own.

An Open Thank-You Letter to My Mother

Becoming a mother has taught me so many things. The obvious ones, like how to survive with little sleep, how to swaddle like a champ, and how to become an expert diaper-changer.

But it has also taught me something more: Empathy. Now I truly understand what my mother went through in raising my brother and me. Now I understand why she was frustrated with me whenever I was doing something so ridiculous that would ultimately end in a horrible mistake. Now I understand how she felt like all she accomplished some days was yelling at us and we still didn’t listen. Now I understand the feeling of constantly analyzing your own actions because your child is a direct reflection of that.

Aging and having a child of your own teaches you something that you couldn’t previously understand. As children, we are so selfish and care only about our own desires. Then, as we grow and have a child of our own, we see that same process repeated. As we develop into mothers, we have to shift and become a completely selfless person, when we were always otherwise, and try to successfully raise a kind, caring, and giving individual.

My husband and I were recently discussing how we already have  such an opinionated daughter, which might create many future battles. The best we can do is provide guidance and let her make mistakes we did. We cannot choose the path for her, but guide her and hope that she makes the right choices for herself, just like my mother guided me the best she could. I think you did great mom. ;)

So I felt like I needed to say thank you to the woman who is my reason for being: my mother. Thank you for always nudging me in the right direction, providing me with a good example of a mother, and always listening, even if what I had to tell you wasn’t good. You have taught me the gift of empathy, and for that, I will always be grateful.

So today, even though it’s not Mother’s Day, call your mom and tell her thank you for always putting up with you. She deserves it.

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