December 21, 2018

An Open Letter to My Husband for Christmas

Lisa candidly shares what she REALLY wants for Christmas from the hubby.

A couple weeks ago, my husband hugged me and asked me what I wanted this Christmas, and I grumbled, like always.

I’m the hardest person to shop for, I know that, because whenever I want something, I just go get it myself.

In the past, we’ve done themed gifts, like fitness, or we’ve done a trip together, which is fun, but this year is different.

Between Matt being in school, which is a FORTUNE, by the way, having to drill a new well, and medical expenses for our sweet little Mia, this Christmas is a little strapped for cash.

Beside that, I honestly don’t have anything materialistic for Christmas I really want (I am a minimalist, afterall).

But after thinking long and hard, I have come up with something for my dear husband to gift me this year, (don’t worry babe, I know it’s the end of the line on shopping time).


Some day in the near future, I know we will be traveling the world again.

Some day in the near future, I know we will be buying whatever we want again.

But in the near future, we won’t get back today. There will never be another moment just as this one we are currently living in.

So, dearest husband, this is what I will ask for from you.

For Christmas, I just want more time with YOU.

No phones, no TV, no company, just you.

I want to wake up before the girls and have coffee outside as we watch the sun rise (you can have hot chocolate, because I know you don’t like coffee).

I want to stay up a little too late and just talk about what we want out of life. I want to reminisce about the good ‘ol days, cherish the present moment, and plan excitedly for the future.

I want to go for a run together, like we used to, maybe sometimes child-free (although the girls always beg to go and we are both admittedly okay with that).

Spending time with you doesn’t have to cost anything, and I find I like it best when we don’t spend a dime.

Husband, all I want for Christmas is you, honestly. Thank you for giving me my girls, I’ve already received the best presents ever. Now it’s time for just us.


Bear Cub

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