Why You’re Broke AF

And what to do about it.

Broke. Paycheck to Paycheck. Evil. Never enough.

These are often terms we use to define our thoughts around money.

This, however, does NOT have to be the case.

Introducing the Money Mindset Makeover Project

I teamed up with my financial adviser colleague to develop a program that gets you “financially fit” in just three easy steps to start growing your income TODAY.

This program has three vital parts for your success:


This is where you will dive in deeper on your thoughts around money and become educated and on your way to being financially independent. We will also be diving into popular financial terminology, ways to make additional income streams and passively bring in the money.


We will educate you on budgeting basics and how to manage your money effectively towards debt elimination and growth. We also put your plan into action with debt elimination tactic implementation and monthly / yearly budgeting. Clarity around your money is key and we show you how to gain that clarity.

Growth Implementation

This is where it gets fun, you will team up with my colleague and implement immediate growth strategy and receive assistance from the BEST. This is FREE and included for 3 months within this program purchase, no extra cost to you!

Program Materials Available for Immediate Access for Life:

  1. Monthly Budgeting with Yearly Analysis
  2. Goal Setting & Strategy
  3. Debt Elimination Spreadsheet with Strategy Execution
  4. Money Mindset Workbook for Reflection & Execution
  5. Presentation on terminology so you can be educated on how to move forward
  6. 3 months FREE of the Blueprint where you meet with a financial adviser on your goals and how to move forward effectively

If you are struggling living paycheck to paycheck, have no long-term plan in mind, swimming in debt and struggling to make ends meet, this program is everything you are needing to adjust your behavior and bank account moving forward.