Kick the Clutter

Building your life on a beautiful, peaceful foundation via group challenges, one-on-one packages or individual sessions throughout your home.

It’s Time to Kick the Clutter

Creating a beautiful life on a strong foundation…

You can’t build a beautiful life on a faulty foundation and that foundation is your home.

Stuff is stressful, so it’s time to change that, for good.

Being a certified Green Consultant, KonMari Method™, I’ve worked with dozens of women to ensure their spaces bring them peace and calm versus being a place of chaos and overwhelm.

Whether you sign up for a group challenge, purchase one session or enroll in the whole one-on-one package, I’m here to give you your space that embodies what it is you desire: a functional and fun home.

We are in this together…

Overhauling your whole home can be an extremely difficult and overwhelming task, but don’t worry, I’m with you every step of the way, from determining what you desire out of a space, us envisioning the results together and then diving in and seeing it through.

If you join the Group Challenge, you will be right alongside other amazing women working towards your own common goal.

In the 1:1 Kick the Clutter Programs, we literally go along the process together, session by session, category by category to ensure your space fits your needs.

I will never tell you to discard something, but rather, help guide you on what it is you wish to keep!

Keeping a Peaceful Space FOR GOOD…

But how to keep this success lasting for good?

From theme days to transitional tidies, I’ve created customizable systems for your home to implement, making your home work smarter, not harder.

I’ve worked with over two dozen women and all have stated how easily they’ve maintained their homes and spaces after they’ve completed each category.

Time to Invest in You…

Now more than ever we are in our homes, so now is the right time to invest in you and your peaceful spaces. Book a single session, jump into the next Group Challenge or fill out the form for your free 30-minute consultation to determine what’s right for you!

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