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Positivity starts at the beginning...

After Lisa published The Real Moms Playbook last year, her oldest daughter, Ava asked, "When are you going to write a book for me?"

So, Lisa did just that.

The ABC's of Positivity is a guide for children to learn how to develop their positive inner voice in the form of rhyme.

Lisa believes that learning words of affirmation should begin at the newborn stages, guiding a child to learn to speak kindly to themselves.

For this Mini Crowdfunding Campaign, Lisa wants to offer 2 options in order for your child to be a part of the book and make it possible!

The Recognition

Have your child be recognized in the book!

A dedication will be listed at the back of the book where your child will be mentioned with a special note for him or her.

(Psst, a special few may be selected to be IN the book as well, drawn as characters if the letter is available)

Your child will also have the book signed for him and her and shipped once it is published so they can keep within their collection.

Lisa will reach out upon purchase to obtain child's name and shipping address (if different from one listed).

Estimated publish date: October of 2022

Illustration by Cierra

The Playbook

Lisa has a big goal of selling 250 of The Real Moms Playbook in order to publish her children's book, The ABC's of Positivity in 2022!

And she needs your help!

All purchased through this event will receive something special from me shipped with the book, as well as be entered to win my Kick the Clutter Challenge or a Full 3-hour Session: $425 value

Excerpt from The ABC's of Positivity:

ABC’s of Positivity

A book of fun, play and positivity for you and your kids.

To you, Little One.

May you always see the bright side, even on the darkest of days.

Someday you will grow to change the world,

With your unique, talented and determined ways.

A is for Accepting the things I cannot change,
B is for
Breathing to calm me when I’m feeling rage.

C is for Courageous, how I choose to act is brave,

D is for Driven, pushing towards goals is how I behave.

Ages: Newborn - 10 years old
*Please note, this illustration is in the beginning sketch stages and may change!

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