Twin Mama Making Moves: Mom of the Month

Motherhood is a blissful, exhausting, and wild journey. And when you add multiples to the mix, the love and chaos just keeps growing!

Tiffany gets to experience this wild journey 24/7 with her son, Mason, and his younger twin sisters, Morgan and Madelyn.

Having twins is no small feat. It’s more than double the work, even though it’s double the fun.

When asked what her initial reaction to having twins was, she responded:

“I cried. Laying on the ultrasound table at 6 weeks pregnant when my ultrasound tech let the word ‘they’ slip, I immediately started crying. Not out of fear but out of relief.”

Like so many of us, Tiffany lost a baby just 6 months prior at the 19-week pregnancy mark.

“I felt in my gut very early on that I wouldn’t get to meet that baby, and the genetic testing at 12 weeks confirmed my suspicions. Our daughter had Trisomy 18, a fatal disorder.”

Faced with this devastating loss, shook her beyond words and understanding.

“My recovery journey was emotional. I was depressed, confused, hurt, impatient, and unsure why we weren’t getting pregnant again. My husband and son helped keep me positive and get me through such a dark time.”

She also relied upon her faith as well, because she knew God had other plans for her.

While twins don’t run in her family, she knew in her heart she was meant to have them.

“Shortly after I had Mason, I ran into a lady at the checkout line at the grocery store. I had never met her before, but still could describe her to this day. We talked briefly about Mason, who was 3 months at the time, and as she walked away she said, ‘Honey, you are going to struggle but you will have twin girls one day.’ Simple as that and walked away.”

Tiffany kept that conversation in the back of her mind, and after losing her baby Mother’s Day of 2017, she realized where her struggle was.

When the time was right, she was gifted with her girls, who are now one and the inspiration behind her adorable handmade clothing company.

Despite having her hands full, literally, this twin mama finds time for herself and for her growing business (which is UNBELIEVABLY ADORABLE).

Tiffany learned to sew when she was 10, and when the girls were little, they were her perfect models for her craft.

“I have always loved to see and make things, and I found these darling high-waisted bloomers in a picture, but could not find where to buy them… so I made them.”

Her mompreneurial spirit and desire to create prompted her to start Mabel & June, a handmade little girl’s clothing company.

Being a mother definitely isn’t easy. Being a work-at-home mom is even more challenging, but with a little planning, a supportive husband, and a lot of coffee, Tiffany is well on her way.

And she has much in store planned for Mabel & June, which includes giving back to underprivileged twin moms as well as adding a whole boy’s clothing line to her company.

“I would love to eventually donate part of my profits to twin moms in need because giving back in any way I can is close to my heart. And I would love to add a boys line in Spring 2020, perhaps.” ;)

Check out Tiffany’s beautiful handmade little girl’s clothing at and support this amazing and inspiring mom business that’s making some big moves.

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