The Daughter Diaries Origins: How Lisa and Allie Met

Actually, it’s kind of a funny story…

Lisa went to high school with Allie’s husband, Jeff, and they had their 10-year reunion last summer. Jeff and Lisa were catching up, and he introduced Allie, who was 8 months pregnant at the time, to Lisa, and they really hit it off (despite Lisa trying to keep up with Jeff drinking and failing, miserably).

Fast-forward 4 months, and Allie was a few months postpartum and looking to start a mommy blog, and was having trouble finding a good hosting site. She reached out to Lisa, who she had added on Facebook after the reunion, for some professional advice, since Lisa was really experienced and established in her own businesses, and things started to unfold from there.

Allie explained to Lisa how she had content and needed a place to host it, and Lisa explained how she had a website already built, but no web content, and from there, The Daughter Diaries took off. Little did either of them know that just by one brief meeting at a reunion and one small conversation that such a fun business relationship (and friendship!) would unfold.

Lisa and Allie began texting, calling and emailing constantly, and ideas were flowing faster than either of them could keep track of. For 5 months, they planned, organized, brainstormed, collaborated, advertized and swapped mom stories and advice, and in July of 2018, The Daughter Diaries went live!

With Lisa’s background in business and Allie’s background in writing, the two work well together and compliments each others’ talents. The Daughter Diaries is their labor of love, and even though they are both full-time working moms, they look forward to blogging and managing their site in what precious spare time they can find.

They hope you subscribe, (subscribe below), to their blog to see funny and relatable stories, product reviews, interviews and so much more! Sky’s the limit for The Daughter Diaries, and they’re so excited to share their journey with the world.

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