Mom of the Month: Christ, Coffee, Crochet

It’s been a couple months since we honored a mom, and I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving to bring back this honorary title than Becca.

Becca is a woman of faith with many talents, like juggling four active and academically-inclined children, volunteering within her small-town community, and running her successful home-based crochet business, The Knotted Noodle, and she really can teach us all about how to coordinate the chaos within our lives.

Becca resides in the Central Valley with her wonderful and supportive husband, JJ, and her children (they seriously are the perfect family!), and feels she is driven by three things: Christ, coffee, and crochet.

Almost 16 years ago, she gained the title of mother to a beautiful baby girl, Breanne. Four years later, she was blessed, yet again, with another sweet girl, Cayla, and officially became a “girl mom” and then learned the true test of balancing it all.

“I learned to balance being a full-time working mom with a newborn and preschooler. I really thought I was through having children, but God had other plans.”

In 2009, she met the love of her life, JJ, and became a step-mom to Devyn, who made her a “boy mom” for the first time, introducing her to the world of monster trucks and Legos!

“It was also, then, I became a stay-home mom.  We married in 2011, and became an amazing blended family. We even blended our last names and use "Jowicks" whenever we are referring to ourselves as a whole family.”

“The Jowicks” felt there was one more addition needed to complete their squad, and with the addition of another boy, Austyn, in 2012, their family of 6 was complete.

Becca has realized having four children and being so involved in her community and church, even with the help of a devoted husband, can be difficult, especially while running a successful business from her home, but she knows the value of self-care.

“I start out my day with Christ and coffee. I sit with my coffee, my devotional, and my Bible, and just set my mind right for the day, which always draws me closer to Him.

“I volunteer at my church Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Friday’s, am a leader at a mom's bible study on Tuesday's and attend Women's Bible study on Wednesday’s. But Thursday’s...Thursday’s have been the day I set aside totally for me, to recenter myself and truly devote to self-care!"

“As moms, we often neglect our own needs for the sake of caring for our families. But as I have learned, if I do not take time to care for myself, I make a lousy wife, a cranky mom, and an unloving friend.

“So Thursday’s are about attending my doctor’s appointments, tending my garden, having lunch with a friend, meal planning for the week, grocery shopping alone (am I right?), and CROCHETING! Crochet is such great therapy for my mind, body and spirit, and I look forward to Thursday’s with such excitement and plan accordingly.”

I asked Becca how she started her hobby-turned-business and was surprised when she said she was self-taught.

“Growing up, I had always watched my Nana and Grandma crochet and knit. Unfortunately, I never took the time to learn from them, but was always amazed with their creations!

“On vacations to the coast, my Nana would visit her favorite yarn shop and stock up on her supplies. I loved running my hands over the rows of thread and yarn.  

“Wrapping myself in one of Grandma’s homemade afghans was like being wrapped up in a warm hug… they even smelled like her!

“When both of them passed away, I inherited their yarn, hooks and needles, and knew then I would have a future in fiber arts.

“In October 2012, I was put on bedrest during pregnancy with our youngest son. After a week in the hospital laying flat on my back, I knew I needed to find something to keep me busy when I arrived home. Instantly, I knew I wanted to start crocheting.”

During her treatment for anemia, crocheting became a valuable hobby.

The start is always the best part, and with some tools and a little creativity, a hobby was born.

“I had a hook and a needle, but had NO idea how to crochet! Thankfully, YouTube became my best friend; I scoured every video I could, looking for guidance in this amazing art. After about two weeks, I had the basics down and made a simple beanie, which a friend offered to buy.

“From then on, people would call me for hats or afghans, washcloths or baby dresses. It is very satisfying to finish a crochet project, to see the piece you've crafted from just yarn and a hook, with simple looping and knotting.”

Becca is guided by her faith.

“When I was little, my Nana and Grandma would pray for me, do their daily devotionals, and read their Bibles. Both of my grandpas were pastors as well, so I've always had a foundation of Christ.  

“When I'd get birthday cards or books from them, they would have a scripture written on the inside front cover. I never really understood the importance of this until I became a mother. Today, looking at those little notes of encouragement gives me the confidence I need for the day or the encouragement to work through a tough situation.

“Christ is my cornerstone; everything I do is to glorify Him.”

Through faith she lives and family is her reason.

“My husband and I have been gifted four beautiful children, who we are raising to love Jesus, be good people, and contribute to society. I cannot put into words how blessed I am to have such a supportive and loving man in my life. In everything I do, he is there by my side, rooting me on and encouraging me from start to finish. He is my best friend and my partner in everything. He is the most amazing dad, making it that much easier to be an amazing mom.”

In her business, she breathes faith and love into every single product.

“When I started The Knotted Noodle, I felt it was my way to spread my faith in a way that people could tangibly feel. I put my love into every piece, which makes it so fun and gratifying for me as an artist. I hope that people who don't share my faith know that they are thought of and loved, even if it's just by a stranger who is crafting an item for them.”

We are so proud of her for taking her business to the next level.

“From the very beginning my husband, children, and parents have supported me and are my biggest cheering section. Crochet, for me, is about my faith and my family.”

The Daughter Diaries and The Collaborative couldn’t be more excited to be on this journey with you, Becca!

You can now shop Becca’s beautiful products at

Whatever crocheted piece you choose, know that it is made with faith and love.

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