Founder & CEO

Lisa Autry

It all started with a little girl, a wild idea and a consulting practice.

When all of Lisa’s worlds collided and she became a mom of two little girls, she knew she needed to help other mothers find their place and their passion.

Her journey started back when she was 3-years-old. She wrote her first book about Mickey and his puppy. From there, she wrote in elementary and high school and was published a few times for her creative writing.

Once college arrived, she chose to pursue her degree in business with an emphasis in finance and entrepreneurship.

She graduated Magna Cum Laude and worked for several years at a local, successful marketing firm running operations, handling accounts and managing production with a team of almost a dozen designers. There, she learned the ins and outs of running a business and creating brands.

She always knew in her heart that she was an entrepreneur, so after a few years in the corporate world, she set off and became her own boss. It was the most liberating and educating experience in her life (next to motherhood).

Since then, she has launched three of her own businesses, helped dozens of women get their life in order, had two little girls and one successful marriage to her high school sweetheart who supports every endeavor she has.

Through The Daughter Diaries, she hopes to teach you what motherhood is all about and help you find confidence in your position as a woman, mother and boss and grow your mommy business and goals greater than you ever imagined.

The Daughter Diaries is the catalyst of her skills from life experiences and education – providing each of her clients with a well-rounded business experience centered on their passion and talents and the ability to balance it all with grace.

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